• Miscellany

    Sunday was a busy day

    I had hoped to post two blog entries a day but it has been so incredibly busy all day Sunday!  It was a packed schedule with Sunday School, Worship Service (which ran long…), Lunch, visit to the Cultural Museum, Orientation, Dinner, Meeting to divvy up the worksites, then finally having time for a team devotional in the evening.

    Below Joshua is giving us a Sunday School lesson after Darren provided an overview of our cultural differences to keep us from faux pas.

    Please pray for us.  The weather out here is incredibly hot. It will hit 101 on Monday and some of us will be doing roofing work.

    Pray for:

    • Protection from harm, especially dehydration as we work in this hot weather.
    • We also need prayer for the entire week that we get proper rest when sleeping.
    • That Jesus will be glorified in our work at the worksites and play with the children.

  • Miscellany


    We’ve arrived!  We had a fantastic send off in allotting the carpooling at CPC then praying for God to be our strength and protection in this trip, glorifying Him who is sending us.  Eight of us traveled at the same time, while four left later.

    Here are a few photos.


    The staff and interns greeted us warmly.

    First we stopped for a bite at Miner’s Drive-Inn, the traditional place to go.

    Saturday evening we settled in well.


    Hearts are excited to see people they served with before, and to meet new people and start to make new friends.

    Shiv, Namhui, Chantel and Jackson arrived safely at around 10pm.

  • Kids Club,  Pretrip

    Drinks and Snacks for Kid’s Club

    We are a vessel of God’s blessings.  The funds raised were funds well spent.  The featured photo gives an idea of what a drink and snack for 80 kids for five days at Kid’s Club looks like.

    We selected cases of CapriSun, Famous Amos cookies, chewy snack bars, peanut butter crackers, Lays chips and Flamin Hot Cheetos.  For some reason these kids LOVE Flamin Hot Cheetos, even the littlest ones.  Cool!

  • Pretrip


    I heard a great advertisement on the radio for a towing service company. In this broadcast the voice announced the benefits of their service, how far they tow, their low rates and that they take all major credit cards. And towards the end the voice said, “Remember, we don’t want an arm and a leg. We just want a tow.”

    Fundraising has not been as difficult as I thought it would be, mostly because of the generous supporters at our church and the Lord moving in the hearts of men and women. The money we are raising is for the purchase of lots of juice boxes, snacks, craft supplies, and “last day gifts” for the Native American children on the Yakama Nation reservation.  Sacred Road asked us to provide enough for 80 children for five days of Kid’s Club.  And it helps that we are partnering with another church team from Cornerstone Presbyterian Church.

    Instead of just announcing the need to give you an opportunity to join us in our effort, we decided to partner with Swan Graphics (by Sacred Road Ministries) and have them print 50 canvas tote bags that we could resell.  It’s a great opportunity to give them some business as they employ some Native American youth, offering real work experience and vocational training. And the purchaser gets a nifty, sturdy tote for carrying groceries or what-have-you.


    Swan Graphics is a small company started by SRM lead by Darren and Susie Maxfield in an effort to improve the economic situation on the Rez. The employees are professionally trained in design using Adobe Photoshop software. I couldn’t accurately describe the whole process but the computer design is printed and then projected onto the screen print frames for transferring the image onto cloth shirts (or bags in our case).  The entire process is done in-house.

    Thank you, friends, for your purchase and generous donations to help pay for our mission trip!  This along with your prayer support is greatly appreciated.  Remember, we don’t want an arm and a leg. We just want your heart.

  • Pretrip

    Planning and Preparing

    As the team leader it started last year when my wife and I signed up to serve at Sacred Road for the first time. For me it was the first mission on which I served multiple days. I was incredibly blessed to see how the Lord is working to reach and help our Native American neighbors in the Yakima Valley. I knew I would go again and the team leader at that time suggested that perhaps I lead the team in the following year.

    So here we are, a team of twelve, preparing to go serve is from July 14th returning July 21st.

    Leading has been easy because most of the operations for serving at Sacred Road are already planned. And with the great leadership on previous years the path to prepare is a well-worn trail. So for me it is more about preparing the team for the experience, how we’ll be asked to serve, and prepare for our responsibilities. When we get there my role as leader will diminish as we will be assigned to worksites and Kid’s Club locations and fall into the processes already laid out.  I was handed a binder with leadership materials and it was a matter of just executing. I’m glad for it!

    The team has been great in participating in pre-trip meetings and signing up to help with our responsibilities. So I’m praising the Lord for his provision of willing servants.

    With prayer and scripture God is keeping us on the trail.  It is very exciting to see five of us are new to serving at Sacred Road and we are praying for the Lord to use us in a way beyond our expectations.