• Restoration

    Before & After

    One satisfying aspect of helping at Sacred Road Ministries is looking back at the physical work that you’ve done as part of a team. I was grateful to be on a team that worked on a house. We helped a specific family with some tangible needs. The change is dramatic, and will be very practical this coming winter especially.


    Here’s the “before” picture:

    And here’s the “after” picture:

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    God is Good

    Thank you for your prayers. It was a little cooler Wednesday on the worksites and there was a gentle breeze to turn our sweat into a natural coolant.

    Sacred Road sells t-shirts with a variety of logos and sayings.  One looks like the “Life Is Good” brand shirts but instead it says “Life is Hard but God is Good.”

    Some more pictures of what going on.

    Up on the roof, after tearing off old roofing, putting down new roofing.  Off with the old, on with the new. Restoration.



    Anita is showing how it’s done digging holes for posts for building a fence.

    One of the worksite teams was working on the church campus.  Shiv, Namhui and Anita joined folks from Highland Church in Mississippi.

    Kid’s Club in the afternoon during Bible Story time.  Joshua is the Children’s Ministry Director filling in for Jesse while he’s on sabbatical. Joshua is so good with the children.  We all love him.




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    Intense Heat

    The heat out here is intense. On my worksite we would work for about 15 or 20 minutes, then stop for a water break, drinking 20 ounces or more, and then repeat that.

    At another worksite where we are putting on new shingles for a house, the danger is wasps. The house has 3 layers of old shingles that need to be removed and wasps have been huddled there for years it seems. They buzz around as our team works and by the Lord’s mercy no one has yet to be stung.

    Prayer request: please pray for the Lord’s protection from injury and to give us strength for our tasks.

    Alright, now for some photos.

    After getting ready for worksites, we wait in the air conditioned church building for the command to muster, get final instructions and pray for going to our sites.  Below Jackson is tossing a ball back and forth with a young Native American girl named Forever.  She is an important member of the tribe and I image she will do great things for her community in years to come.




    Sacred Road has a small wood mill on the church grounds.  Here they are shaving off a couple inches of a beam, for use on restoring the deck.

    On my worksite we are clearing brush off of a resident’s property. The trees are diseased and they will use the wood to heat their home this coming winter.

    After a hard day of work and Kid’s Club in the intense heat, we are starving for dinner. In the evening all of the Sacred Road mission teams gather for a meal like a family, well, because we are a family.  It was nice to have Jean and Melinda visit us on Monday!

    Joshua’s kittens are therapeutic. The teens love them.


  • Restoration

    God is Sovereign Over Chaos

    First day on the worksite was somewhat chaotic. Things just don’t go as planned.  One project got canceled to resume next week. The “tiny house project” was canceled for the day but hopefully we get to work on it the next day.

    However, God is sovereign, even over chaos.

    I try not to get disappointed when things don’t go as plan.  The best way I cope with this is to lower my expectation and let the Lord unfold his plan before us.  However, the scheduled continual prayer on my worksite didn’t happen for my team and that is simply unacceptable.

    Please pray that we are not thwarted from praying.  We use some power tools on the site, but the most powerful tool we use is prayer!!

    Some pictures of us getting ready for first day of work.


    One of the job sites was to do some drywall work at Village of Hope, a place were the Rez is building tiny houses to combat homelessness.


    T’liia and I were on point to get supplies at Ace Hardware in Toppenish. Our job of working on the Longhouse was canceled for the week so most of the morning we selected and delivered supplies to other sites.