• Kids Club

    Unlikely Strategies

    Our throats may be dry here, but not our eyes. The water of the Holy Spirit overflows in this parched land of Yakama Nation! Sacred Road is an oasis of living water for a forgotten people. Forgotten by the world, but not by God, and therefore not by his church, the body of Christ.

    The Old Testament is full of unlikely, ridiculous, unthinkable battle strategies. Be it Moses’ lifted staff, circling and shouting for walls of a city to come down or reduction of a mighty army to mere 300. God says: the battle is mine and I will surely prevail.

    How did Jesus defeat Satan? How did he win us? Another unlikely strategy: shedding blood on a Roman cross. It didn’t strike me until Joshua, a staff here at Sacred Road, told the story of Gideon to a group of Native American kids in a dusty park on a hot, sunny afternoon. These kids who are coming from poor and broken homes, clothes dirty, faces unclean. Yet no less loved by God who made each one of them.

    Here’s the unlikely strategy of Sacred Road to bring hope and healing to an entire race of outcasts: to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and show the love of God in tangible, compelling ways.

    I’m tempted to ask how does what I’m doing help? Mowing a lawn, painting a wall, playing games with little kids. Btw, it was my first time ever to mow or paint. I wonder if I’m the one learning these skills using Sacred Road’s resources. Well, Joshua’s story telling convinced me that these temptations are a sign that God’s unlikely strategy is at work. I don’t need to figure it out. I don’t need to be discouraged or overwhelmed. I just need to trust, to obey and to love. To play my tiny part faithfully in God’s grand plan.