• Kids Club

    Kid’s Club

    Kid’s club is held from 4-6pm every day this week. The first half of kid’s club is spent playing with the kids. The objective of kid’s club is to let the kids just play and enjoy being a kid. Many of them may live in homes where they essentially take care of themselves, so they may not be able to just be a kid.

    There are various “stations” of activity – a craft activity, a tree swing, jump rope, and car mat in the following photos. There were so many more activities in which the kids could participate – face painting, water sprinkler, bean bag toss, shoot hoops… or just being given “horse back rides” by an intern, staff, or a member of one of the mission teams. They jump from one activity to another and it is a joy to see their smiles!

    The second half is spent sitting on tarps, eating snacks and listening to a Bible story. Today, we had a guest performance by The Agape Puppets. It was truly amazing!  I think the adults loved it as much as the kids.  The whole presentation, told as Bible stories, illustrated that money, possessions, or people cannot give you what you ultimately need – peace, hope, and love in your heart – but that Jesus can.  All you have to do is talk to Jesus and he will hear you.  Afterwards, each kid was given a children’s Bible to take home so they can read more about the stories that they heard and about Jesus. It was very moving to see how much the kids enjoyed the whole thing.

    The message of the gospel is so simple!  Sometimes as adults, I think we forget how simple it really is. Please pray that the kids will remember these stories, read the Bible that was given to them, and call on the Lord and know him in a very real and personal way.