Kids Club,  Restoration

God is Good

Thank you for your prayers. It was a little cooler Wednesday on the worksites and there was a gentle breeze to turn our sweat into a natural coolant.

Sacred Road sells t-shirts with a variety of logos and sayings.  One looks like the “Life Is Good” brand shirts but instead it says “Life is Hard but God is Good.”

Some more pictures of what going on.

Up on the roof, after tearing off old roofing, putting down new roofing.  Off with the old, on with the new. Restoration.



Anita is showing how it’s done digging holes for posts for building a fence.

One of the worksite teams was working on the church campus.  Shiv, Namhui and Anita joined folks from Highland Church in Mississippi.

Kid’s Club in the afternoon during Bible Story time.  Joshua is the Children’s Ministry Director filling in for Jesse while he’s on sabbatical. Joshua is so good with the children.  We all love him.




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